Behavioral Science
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Dear Dr. Wryobeck,
I was confused by one of the questions on the behavioral assessment on chronic pain. One of the questions asked about a therapy that was complimentary to her undergoing psychotherapy and while the explanation answered accounted for all the other wrong answers it did not account for why water aerobics wouldn't be appropriate. In your lecture you talked about the pain-inactivity cycle and with exercise that provides support like water I don't understand why this cannot be a vaiable option in addition to acunpuncture. Both of these therapies appear on your non-drug strategies slide. Could you please give me some insight to this so I better understand the concept? Thanks!


Katie Young
Katie,You are correct when talking about general chronic physical pain. You probably were not given enough information to make the distinction between something like back pain and migraine head pain. Very often, physical activity can make migraine pain worse and in some individuals can precipitate a migraine episode. While physical activity is not contraindicated in those with migraine head pain it is generally advised that should a migraine be present that one not engage in strenuous physical activity. This is why it would not be considered the best answer. Technically you are probably right, if the patient were not experiencing current head pain, mild aerobic activity would be beneficial for her back pain. The presence of migraine headaches complicates this picture some and I did not spend any time in the lecture talking about the specifics of dealing with migraines other than thermal biofeedback is one of the best treatments. I hope this gives you some insight, unfortunately there are some exceptions to a few of the things I spoke about concerning chronic pain but knowing specific treatments and exceptions for migraines, neuropathy, muscle and skeletal pain is beyond the scope of this first year course. Good question, indicating you are really thinking about these things. If this were a graded exam I would give you a point.John

Behavioral is really not that hard so if you are here looking for help, it must be because you are lazy and skipped class. Call 1-88M-OTI-VATE for help on Behavioral Science.
After doing better on neuro than behavioral, i rescind my previous statement. If I offended any psychiatrists, please take confidence in knowing that your profession thoroughly put me in my place for not taking the course as seriously as I should have. -ken

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